CCMP's Panelizer Utility

The newest quoting tool available from CCMP is the mass lam PANELIZER.

It may look similar to some of the existing panelization software, however, the CCMP PANELIZER software is the only one to incorporate the available CCMP panel sizes including "stretch" and "jumbo" oversized panels and then maximize the number of circuits up on a panel. The PANELIZER can be used by either CAM or Sales to determine which multilayer orders are best suited for subcontract mass lamination. go to CCMP Panelizer
Registration is simple, click on the link and select a user id and password, enter your email address and company name and you are ready to use the CCMP PANELIZER.To create a shortcut on desktop: In Internet Explorer Click on "File" menu, and Select "Send" menu and then select "Shortcut to desktop" This will create a shortcut to the panelizer on your Desktop. And then use the CCMP PANELIZER to save dollars and win more business! Click here to go to the CCMP Panelizer

CCMP would like to become your partner; we invite you to share our mass lam expertise. During the past 11 years, CCMP has stayed focused on its original charter; to provide North American PCB fabricators with a reliable and cost effective alternative for all of its multilayer lamination needs. CCMP has shopped world wide for the equipment, technology, and materials needed to manufacture a world class product; our automated manufacturing facilities, located in Anaheim, CA, can process more than 1000 complex inner layers per-day. Absolutely no order is too large or too small, so if you're ready to move your mass lam requirements into shorter lead times,better yields and substantial cost savings, give CCMP a call.
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