Process Controls

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At CCMP, we believe that the key to maintaining superior product quality, is to closely monitor and control
our manufacturing processes. Wherever possible, we have installed automatic controls. The design and maintenance of CCMP's quality management and quality system elements are to the ISO 9002 standard.
For consistency and reliability, CCMP is a company that you can trust with your mass lam requirements.
Process Sequence Equipment Description Process Control Points Auto Process
Contr. Equipment
MultiBond Macdermid gmbh conveyorized system 1.5 m/min. Machine set-up      
Bath Concetration  
Bath Temperature    
Pre dip        
Bath Concetration      
Bath temperature    
Multi Bond        
Bath concentration  
Bath Temperature    
Weight Gain      
Copper Peel Strength    
Acid Resistance    
Layup Rosenthal Sheeter Layup Station Sheet Size    
Grain Direction    
Style Verification    
PrePreg Inspection      
Ply Count      
Oxide Inspection    
Copper foil Sheeting Rosenthal Sheeter Sheet Size    
Surface Defects      
Treatment Defects      
Booking Booking Work Station Copper Weight    
Plate Surface      
Stack Height      
Kraft Paper    

OEM 15 Opening Lamination Press

OEM 3Opening Lamination Press

Cedal Adara Multi-Press

Vacuum Level  
Pressure Surface  
Heat-Up Rate  
Cure TIme  
Cool Down Rate  
Breakdown   Surface Quality Plate Surface      
Marking of Tooling Holes & Cut Lines      


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