Process Controls

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At CCMP, we believe that the key to maintaining superior product quality, is to closely monitor and control
our manufacturing processes. Wherever possible, we have installed automatic controls. The design and maintenance of CCMP's quality management and quality system elements are to the ISO 9002 standard.
For consistency and reliability, CCMP is a company that you can trust with your mass lam requirements.
Process Sequence Equipment Description Process Control Points Auto Process
Contr. Eqmt.
Fabrication Techtron Trim Flashing    
MCF-600W Panel Shearing    
Autoshearing & Beveling Machine Panel Squareness    
Panel Edges    
Tooling Hole Drill Pluritec Inspecta Tooling System Tooling Hole Diameter    
Tooling Hole  
Centerline Dimension  
Annular Ring  
Final Inspection   Layer-Layer  
Deep Arm Micrometer Panel Thickness    
Granite Flat Plate Warp and Twist    
Surface Quality
Pin Gauges Tooling Hole Diameter    
Hole to HoleGauge Tooling Hole Dimension    
Panel ID   Panel part Number        
Lot Number    
  Revision Level    


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