Tooling Requirements

To ensure speed and accuracy of phototool generation, CCMP has installed the Valor Genesis front end system linked to a CSI laser plotter.
CCMP can accept digital data in the following formats: ODB++, Gerber 274X. Data can be sent by direct transfer online, FTP

1) Digital data>> E-mail edited data to For FTP transfer, please call engineering or customer service for transfer instructions. Accepted formats >> ODB++, Gerber 274x.

2) Drill file>> Send panelized drill information including coupons and mass lam tooling hole locations.

3) Mass lam lay-up sheet>>

a) Dielectrics, with tolerances
b) Overall thickness over external copper, with tolerances
c) Inner Layer Copper callout
d) Outer Layer Copper callout
e) Design Rule, i.e. minimum line space, annular ring.

CCMP would like to become your partner; we invite you to share our mass lam expertise. During the past 11 years, CCMP has stayed focused on its original charter; to provide North American PCB fabricators with a reliable and cost effective alternative for all of its multilayer lamination needs. CCMP has shopped world wide for the equipment, technology, and materials needed to manufacture a world class product; our automated manufacturing facilities, located in Anaheim, CA, can process more than 1000 complex inner layers per-day. Absolutely no order is too large or too small, so if you're ready to move your mass lam requirements into shorter lead times,better yields and substantial cost savings, give CCMP a call.
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