4 BIG Reasons to Make Sure that CCMP is on Your Current A.V.L.

1) CCMP is Making Multilayer Panels All Weekend Long!
Now the panels that you order on Thursday/Friday can be ready to deliver on Monday! CCMP would like to earn your trust and some of your multilayer business and hope that this will be a good reason to place CCMP onto your speed dialer. Beginning in May 2011, CCMP will be working on the weekends and when you do not want or cannot (or when it just does not make sense), your QTA multilayers can continue moving through the multilayer process and be on or ahead of schedule on Monday morning. By combining world class inner layer and lamination capabilities, the PCB industry's best panel size optimization and weekend access, we hope that you will give CCMP an opportunity to quote and to earn a piece of your business.

2) More Circuits on Panels
Since 1994, CCMP has always the best choice for your overflow multilayer capacity, in the busy times or simply when you need extra capacity. You may not know however that CCMP is also a great source for larger panel sizes like 21" x 24", 21" x 26" or even 24" x 26" And whether you need a large panel size for your oversized boards or to squeeze a couple extra circuits on the panel then CCMP is your best source. With rising material costs rising and lead times getting longer, there has never been a better time to put CCMP on your speed dial and your AVL. Since 1994, CCMP has focused simply making great multilayer panels and nobody in the industry does it better.

3) CCMP's "Onshore" Domestic Pricing
The special offer is custom-tailored for North American PCB fabricators," said CCMP Vice President, Bill Schwerter. "The object is that our domestic fabricators, armed with this special 'onshore' pricing, will be better able to compete on larger quantity orders that are probably being sourced in Asia. At CCMP, we're committed to doing whatever we can to help PCB manufacturers in North America compete in the global market."

4) Eliminate the Word "Remake" From Your Production Meetings
Since 1994, the lamination experts at CCMP have been dedicated to tackling the board industries most challenging multilayer designs for PCB Fabricators and we've provided the absolute best yielding multilayer panels one can find anyplace in the world. It's a bold claim, YES, but one that CCMP can support with the experience of 17 years in the business and more than 2 million multilayer panels shipped to fabricators worldwide.


Q: Do I need to send electronic files in order to receive a Multilayer Panel Quote?
A: No, to receive a price and delivery quote for your panels we need the following information. Number of layers, PCB or Array size, Your suggested Panel size, Internal and External Cu. weight, Dielectrics if specified, O/A Thickness. Number of internal signal layers and the minimum line width
and spacing, quantity of boards or panels required. This information can be emailed or called in to customer service on either coast and in most cases a quote can be provided while you wait on the phone (or in less than 1 hour after you email.)

Q: When I think Mass Lam I think large quantities. What is CCMP's minimum order size?
A: The minimum order size at CCMP is 1 panel. No order is too small or too large for CCMP to process.

Q: What is the "standard" lead time for a 50 panel order?
A: Lead times depend on layer count and material availability, however, CCMP almost always can ship your panels in less than 5 days from receipt of order and on about 1/2 of the orders placed turn times are less than 3 days.

Q: How much overage will I need?
A: CCMP's escape rate for inner layer defects is less than 1/2% of total shipments so order enough to cover your external yield losses and you will be fine.

Q: My customer print specifies a material manufacturer and type.
Can CCMP manufacture panels on my customers specified material type?

A: The answer is yes. CCMP can work with a almost any manufacturers material and in most cases we would ask you to drop ship those materials to the CCMP factory. The FR4 laminate types that are stocked and routinely used by CCMP are nearly exact generic equivalents to FR4 prepregs and laminates provided by ISOLA and NELCO so these materials can also be seamlessly substituted in.

About CCMP
Located in Anaheim, California, is the mass lamination technology leader in North America. For nearly 20 years, CCMP has stayed focused on its original charter--to provide North American PCB fabricators with a reliable and cost-effective alternative for their multilayer lamination needs. CCMP shopped worldwide for the equipment, technology and materials needed to manufacture a world class product. The company's automated manufacturing facilities can process more than 1,000 complex inner layers per day

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